Client Context

Our client, a global aftermarket auto parts company that sells and distributes a number of brands, was keen to evaluate customers' perceptions of their operations in China and in India.​

Our client asked us to evaluate customers' satisfaction with our client's performance with respect to product offerings in each market, marketing and sales training and gaps, and warranty resolution.

Our Approach

Given the diversity of our client's customer base, we conducted in-depth interviews with over 30 customers in each country, including distributors, workshops, and retailers. Our research evaluated customers' satisfaction with our client’s products, catalogs, training, logistics, reactions to quality complaints and warranties, and customer service and sales team performance. We benchmarked our findings against the competition to better evaluate our client’s positioning relative to industry competitors.


Our data-driven market intelligence detailed not only our client’s current performance but also identified product and service gaps and areas of improvement.

Our client was able to incorporate our tactical recommendations of how to plug unfilled gaps in customer needs to streamline their operations and customer outreach program.


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