Our Business Productivity experience and capabilities span:

  • Sales, Marketing, CRM
  • Media and Design
  • Cloud Storage
  • Market Research
  • SME Accounting
  • SME HR

Businesses in the Business Productivity SaaS industry are increasingly tackling challenges, including data integration, security, talent acquisition, and compliance. These factors can significantly impact a company's success and growth in these industries

Clients engage Emerging Strategy for critical external insights to drive strategy or make key decisions about growth. Some examples of recent intelligence topics include:

What are the current market gaps in the cloud storage solutions market, and how can our clients capitalize on these opportunities to gain a competitive edge?
What are the regulatory challenges and data privacy concerns related to Accounting for SMEs in the EMEA region, and how can our clients navigate these complexities while expanding their presence?
How do cultural nuances and language preferences impact the adoption of Media and Design softwares in Latin American markets, and what localization strategies can be employed to enhance user acceptance and adoption?

Case Study: BRIC Emerging Markets Strategy for Creative Professional Software at Fortune 100 SaaS Company

Case Study: BRIC Emerging Markets Strategy for a Fortune 100 SaaS Company

Recent Insights

4 Mistakes SaaS Companies Make in Targeting Customers
Effectively targeting SaaS customers requires balancing internal data with market research and understanding customers’ psychographic characteristics.
Brand Awareness and Trust in Creative Software: The Role of Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing boosts visibility and credibility for creative software brands, fostering trust and enhancing user acquisition and sales.
Culture in the Digital Landscape: How Platform Services are Navigating the Cultural Journey
Cultural sensitivity in digital platform services fosters meaningful connections, enhances brand identity, and drives user engagement and loyalty.

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