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Deliver customized global market intelligence to top management in marketing, sales, strategy, and product management.

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Need customized b2b market intelligence to inform internal stakeholders making critical decisions? 

B2B Market Intelligence deliverables fit for senior executives in Marketing, Sales, Strategy and Product Management

Market Sizing, Market Landscape, Trends and Disruptors 

ID New Markets

Gain Share

Intelligence on competitors' products, strategy and tactics

Grow Revenue

Understand your customers better, identify new customers 

Market entry, product launch, corporate development, M&A

Execute Growth

Clients receive reliable, quick, cost-effective, well-packaged and fully customized b2b market intelligence produced by leveraging public, proprietary and primary research sources as well as the latest data mining and machine learning tools and data visualization applications

Easy to work with. Guaranteed results.

1. Pilot Project

It's easy for you to try us out with a small pilot project 
because of our unique
50-50 guarantee: you pay 50% of the fees, and the remaining 50% is due only if you are satisfied.

2. Needs Assessment

After a successful pilot, you will receive a complimentary assessment of your market intelligence workflow, including your programmatic needs and the ad hoc requests you field. We will collaboratively design an annual plan to optimize your workflow, improve quality and consistency, and save money.

3. Partnership

An annual On-Request Partnership or Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) with Emerging Strategy yields more value for money and less headache than your current set-up. We will focus on making your function an invaluable asset to your organization.

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Working with Emerging Strategy...

  • You are able to make important growth decisions with confidence, backed by very specific and relevant market intelligence

  • Your function's importance and visibility in the decision support process increases across the organization, as more and more internal stakeholders refer you or channel their intelligence and strategy needs through you

  • You have a tested global market intelligence provider that you can call upon to deliver results quickly and consistently

  • You receive more resources for your function and importantly, recognition from peers and senior executives for the quality of the decision support your are providing

Or, continuing to struggle with the status quo...

  • You remain unsure about the quality and reliability of the information you are using to make important decisions

  • ​You continue to feel overworked and undervalued as you scramble to fill in the gaps; time and money continues to be wasted at the hands of untested providers

  • You haven't made the impression you want with the top executives in the organization

  • Your decision support function continues to face budget uncertainty because it's still seen as a 'nice to have' rather than a 'must have'

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