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Our Services

We work with you to provide decision support to executives who need to make things happen. If you provide Strategy, Intelligence or Research to someone with P&L responsibility, they need reliable and specific intelligence about markets and market participants to take informed decisions about the business. We drill down to obtain market intelligence through in-depth primary research, desktop research, and cutting-edge technology including machine learning, coupled with superb analysis, so that you can support your internal stakeholders and their critical decisions with confidence.

B2B Market Analysis

Powerful research and analytical techniques to size addressable markets, view key market trends and drivers, market structures and value chains, customer segments, regulatory issues and initial insights on key market participants. Determine whether a target market merits a further investment of resources. Gain access to industry experts and subject matter specialists as needed.

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Market Sizing
  • Size of market and trends in a specific country or a number of emerging countries

  • Competitor share of market and trends

  • Production volume and local use vs. percentage exported

  • Market size and relative share of various products and application/usage methods

  • Market penetration and growth prospects

Market Landscape
  • Current situation and key trends within the industry

  • Existing and emerging technologies in a country

  • Emerging products the country is prepared for and excited about

  • Regulatory environment and policies influencing products and
    technologies in the country

  • Current and emerging business challenges and opportunities within the relevant sector


Competitive Intelligence

Critical intelligence on what competitors are currently doing, and what they're likely to do in the future, to help you improve the quality of your strategic and tactical decisions, and allow you to understand your own competitive position in the market. Gain access to primary research and desktop research capabilities internationally, in >15 languages.

Competitors’ Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Marketing and messaging strategy, sustainability, CSR, etc.

  • Market segmentation

  • Country-specific vs. regional efforts

Competitors’ Product Portfolio
  • Product portfolio and anticipated developments

  • Latest technology and products

Competitors’ Distribution Strategy
  • Distribution strategy of products; use of internal sales force vs. distributors

  • Channels served directly vs. indirectly

  • Sales and service support by channel

Competitors’ Business Partnerships
  • Local partnerships for distribution, service, etc.

  • R&D partnerships and collaboration

Competitors’ Organization Structure
  • National and regional organization structure, trends and changes

  • Detailed function and activity level cost benchmarking (SG&A and COGS) to determine areas of advantage and disadvantage within the organization

  • Local M&A activities and plans

Competitors’ Manufacturing & Sourcing
  • Competitive advantages in manufacturing process or strategy

  • Product and raw material sourcing, pricing, purchasing criteria and behavior

  • Local vs. overseas manufacturing

  • Anticipated changes in order to serve changing market needs


B2B Customer Insight

Fresh insight through in-depth "Voice of Customer" interviews with your existing or potential customers allows you to seize commercial opportunities by uncovering needs, decision criteria, and perception of supplier options. Test the features and commercial proposition of new products with your customers prior to launch, to avoid blind spots and build in valuable customer input. International primary research in >15 languages with your existing or potential customers.

Customer and End-User Needs
  • Customer purchasing needs

  • Customers’ key selection criteria for products including pricing, quality, service levels, etc.

  • Customers’ future technology roadmap / strategic plans and changes to needs

Product Development
  • Customer input on our clients’ product features and technologies under development

  • Customer attitudes towards specific products and technologies

Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer perception of our clients’ performance

  • Assessment of our client relative to its competitors in the market

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and other measurements of customer satisfaction


Growth Strategy

Informing your Organic Growth strategy by identifying, screening and strategizing channels, distributors, partnerships and alliances for purposes of market entry or product launch. Informing the inorganic growth objectives for corporate buy-side and private equity investors by M&A target identification and commercial due diligence. Gain access to industry experts and subject matter specialists as needed.

New Market Entry
  • Create a plan for successful entry, including channel selection, location analysis, partnerships or acquisitions, pricing, and other considerations

  • Back this up with a thorough fact base of Market Analysis, Competitor Intelligence and Voice of Customer (see above)

Product Launch
  • Broad-based strategy for new products and services, including customer segmentation strategies, channel selection, pricing, positioning, and brand messaging

  • Tactical plan for quick penetration, including identifying potential customers, and vetting third parties such as distributors and other channel partners

Corporate Development and M&A
  • Creating ‘long-lists’ and ‘short-lists’ of potential targets by identifying, screening and vetting targets for joint venture, merger or acquisition, licensing, or distribution

  • Deep-dive commercial due diligence

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