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Market Monitoring for an Uncertain World

Market Monitoring for an Uncertain World

Market monitoring provides a steady stream of relevant information and insight to consumers of market intelligence, allowing organizations to stay ahead of the curve in an uncertain global business environment. In this complimentary report, Emerging Strategy’s Adil Husain discusses the potential for business impact resulting from type of systematic market monitoring projects Emerging Strategy executes for its clients as well as best practices for how to ensure internal monitoring projects make maximum impact.

In today’s less predictable business environment it is more important than ever for companies to remain vigilant of market changes. Slower growth rates in developed markets mean that there is more intense competition for market share among incumbents, not to mention that in many industries, disruption from new technology is an ever-present threat. Don’t forget to add into the mix fluid geopolitics, evolving regulatory regimes and new customer preferences. It’s clear that today’s senior management teams need their research departments to dig through mountains of information to produce the type of insight needed to craft winning business strategies.

Emerging Strategy has over 12 years of experience in structuring and executing market monitoring and competitor tracking initiatives for clients from a variety of industries. Our work has enabled clients to identify opportunities and avoid blind spots, resulting in tens of millions of additional dollars for the business top line or bottom line.

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