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So... what's different about you guys?

Prospective clients want to know what is special about Emerging Strategy. Being the research geeks that we are, we conducted some Voice of Customer research to get input from our current clients. Here is what they told us:

1. "Feet-on-the-ground" research team

  • Locally based, native speakers of language(s) in countries where we work with access to sources that are simply not available when research is conducted remotely

  • Specialized in complex and opaque markets worldwide

2. Customized, fresh content

  • We tailor our deliverables to each client’s specific business situation, needs and objectives, no cookie cutter stuff

  • Clients can be sure they are receiving fresh intelligence because extensive primary research generates over 80 percent of the insights in a typical study

3. Quick turnaround times

  • We can execute quickly, which makes clients very happy

  • Our offices 12 time zones apart allow us to work around the clock on projects when our clients are really in a time crunch

4. Great client service

  • Clients receive excellent and consistent service - they say we are available, responsive, meticulous and easy to work with

  • All clients receive the attention and counsel of the firm’s senior management - there are no "Junior Account Managers"

5. Unique "On-Request Partnership" service model

  • We have a unique solution for the resource bandwidth and budgeting problems that research, strategy and intelligence teams face

  • It's easy and risk free to try us out because we offer a free 1-2 week customized research project

About Us

Emerging Strategy is the award-winning and essential provider of decision support to corporate executives and their support functions who need to drive business results and avoid blind spots in opaque markets. Emerging Strategy provides targeted, customized and insightful market intelligence to size addressable market opportunities, monitor competitors, determine customer and channel needs, identify partnership and acquisition candidates, and avoid commercial and regulatory surprises. For more information on Emerging Strategy and our services, please contact us.

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