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Industry 4.0: A Digital Revolution

While many observers have focused on consumer facing applications of

IoT such as self-driving cars or smart appliances, a quiet transformation

is underway in factories all over the world.

Driven by smaller, cheaper sensors and actuators to measure performance and cheaper methods of transmitting and analyzing those data streams to yield actionable insight, the physical world of industrial production and the digital world of information technology are becoming increasingly intertwined. Manufacturers are realizing that information technology must be an increasingly central aspect of their end-to-end production process in order for them to maintain competitiveness. Firms which are embracing the power of data are remaking themselves into more information technology savvy enterprises.

With the world’s leading players in manufacturing and information technology just recently beginning to focus investment in this area, the IIoT is still in an early stage of development. Our complimentary report aims to provide a comprehensive look into Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that covers the top innovators, challenges and strategies that are present in today’s environment of fast-paced digital transition.

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