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Engagement Models

Clients have varying needs and objectives, therefore we have structured three convenient engagement models for them




Growth Strategy

On-Request Partnership

Annual Service Fee

Access to highest quality customized primary and secondary research that is available quickly, conveniently, globally, and in unlimited amount for a fixed annual fee. This provides the ultimate convenience in budgeting and planning. 


Three tiers of service are available with varying research sources and methods, including up to full primary research-based CI. Emerging Strategy is the unique international provider of this service.

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

Annual Service Fee

Monitoring is fully customized to client needs to produce actionable intelligence on a recurring basis in dynamic markets. 


Updates can be scheduled weekly, monthly or quarterly.


MaaS can cover market developments and trends in general, as well as customized intelligence on specific competitors, customers, or other organizations of interest to you.

Advisory Services & Ad hoc Projects

Project Based Fee

Complex projects requiring deep research and analysis in order to arrive at new-to-the-world insights and recommendations regarding growth strategy. 


Or, research projects for clients that lack a recurring need for intelligence or have occasional needs that exceed the scope of their existing On-Request Partnership or MaaS relationship.

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