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B2B Practice

Our clients seek market intelligence in niche B2B markets that are opaque and sometimes several levels removed within a value chain from end users. In the absence of useful syndicated market intelligence, clients turn to Emerging Strategy to provide customized market intelligence so that they can pursue their business objectives with confidence. We support our clients' growth in developed markets as well as emerging markets and frontier markets around the world. With locations in Washington DC, Shanghai, Mexico City and Singapore, we are uniquely positioned to provide the decision support need by clients with global operations. Our primary research capabilities are backed by our feet-on-the-ground: locally based, native speakers of the relevant languages who can access information quickly and confidently. 

What Our Customers Say

Medical Technology

“Thank you for the excellent work and particularly for your responsiveness and constant communication across the duration of the project.”

- Director of Strategy at a Global Medical Technology Company 

Business Services

“Over the past 8 years working at <company>, I have received plenty of market intelligence analysis that is not representative of our industry. Your work depicts with finesse and thorough analysis the core essence of our industry.”

- Head of Competitive Intelligence at a >$10 Billion Business Process Outsourcing Provider

Industrial Automation

“Tackling such a complex topic as well as managing internal stakeholders was a real challenge, and you did an excellent job.”

- Product Manager at a >$10 Billion Diversified Automation Company

Automotive Technology

“We are more than happy with the way the work has been conducted. The team didn't just go off and come back with a report. They kept us engaged throughout with progress updates and solicited our input on key decisions.”

- General Manager at a >$7 Billion Tier One Automotive Parts Supplier

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Case Studies

Amid rising demand for integrated operating rooms (IOR) particularly in established economies, our client was poised to accelerate its surgical imaging solution business globally—it acquired a company offering clinical Video-over-IP solutions, and has since been providing clinical information management systems to healthcare institutions in the U.S. As the company sought to leverage its new acquisition in penetrating new markets for surgical imaging solutions, it engaged Emerging Strategy to conduct a comprehensive go-to-market strategy study for the Chinese market.

The purpose of the engagement was to inform our client’s decision-making on three key questions:

  • Where to play: Identify growth market segments and analyze drivers and obstacles in these segments

  • What to offer: Identify customer needs in priority segments

  • How to win: Examine and benchmark prospective partners, reflecting on the customer (hospital) needs and advise our client on its acquisition and channel partnership strategy

Emerging Strategy evaluated the competitive landscape for Integrated Operating Rooms (IOR) in China, including both international and domestic competitors, as well as identifying attractive customer segments and strategic go-to-market plays, providing a valuable foundation of market intelligence for the company to consider its product strategy for IOR and surgical imaging solutions there.

Medical Technology Case Study:

Market entry strategy for surgical imaging solutions for integrated operating rooms in China

Our client was interested in the potential acquisition of an employment agency in Hong Kong. The aims of the project were multi-fold and included expanding market presence, gaining wider service offerings, as well as securing regulatory certification to operate in a certain business function. Emerging Strategy started by identifying a ‘long-list’ of ~700 companies, then used various screening filters to narrow down to ~35 companies. Then we obtained further details on these companies by conducting primary research, primarily via conversations with owners and key members of the management team of each company to determine financial and operating information, experience and capabilities, as well as interest in ‘strategic partnership’ with a multinational company. A scoring system was developed to prioritize companies based on the potential value-add to the client’s business objectives, and strategic fit. This resulted in 3-5 real 'short-list' prospects that appeared to be viable candidates for in-depth discussion. Emerging Strategy assisted the client in approaching these shortlisted companies and setting up an initial meeting / site visit. The client undertook further due diligence and after negotiation with two companies closed a deal with one of them.​

Business Services Case Study:

M&A commercial due diligence of an HR services provider in Hong Kong

A prominent global player in the industrial compressor industry, was seeking to re-focus their product portfolio to better serve their customer in light of their competitors' innovative product launches in the United States, and Germany.

Understanding that a deep understanding of end-customer requirements would be key in developing actionable intelligence for our client, Emerging Strategy interviewed a large number of carefully segmented end-customers to capture the typical buying behavior for specific segments and sub-segments of industrial applications as well as to understand the key criterion in their buying processes and decision making process.

The intelligence that Emerging Strategy presented enabled the client to create an application to efficiently target the different end-customers and to tailor their product development and marketing accordingly.

Industrial Automation Case Study:

Voice of Customer for an industrial air compressor value proposition assessment (global study)

Our client, a U.S. based Tier-One and Tier-Two supplier to the automotive industry and a manufacturer of electronic automotive systems, was seeking to penetrate the Indian market with an innovative Start-Stop System. Their system already offered an innovative and inexpensive solution for the micro-hybrid market in Europe and North America. 

Our client believed that the Indian market could be the next hub for the adoption of such technologies. However, the client was unsure that their product would be price competitive versus domestic competitors and large international competitors.

Emerging Strategy leveraged in experience in structuring a deep-dive market intelligence study in the Indian automotive market, using field expertise in India and advanced forecasting techniques to advise our client on their market penetration strategy, such as shifting focus from the original micro-hybrid space to the fast growing and large two-wheeler segment.

In addition to using market intelligence to advise on product-fit and organic penetration strategy, we also provided a list of potential targets for partnership or M&A in order to provide additional options for rapid market penetration. 

Automotive Technology Case Study:

Start-Stop System market assessment for the

Indian market 

We provide decision support to clients in additional industries that market products and services into B2B market segments. Those industries include:

  • Chemicals

  • Electronic Components and Supply

  • Enterprise Software

  • Industrial Supply / MRO

  • Packaging and Containers

  • Scientific Equipment

Case studies and credentials are available upon request.

Other Industries

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