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Our clients seek market intelligence in niche B2B markets that are opaque and sometimes several levels removed within a value chain from end users. In the absence of useful syndicated market intelligence, clients turn to Emerging Strategy to provide customized market intelligence so that they can pursue their business objectives with confidence. We support our clients' growth in developed markets as well as emerging markets and frontier markets around the world. With locations in Washington DC, Shanghai, Mexico City and Singapore, we are uniquely positioned to provide the decision support need by clients with global operations. Our primary research capabilities are backed by our feet-on-the-ground: locally based, native speakers of the relevant languages who can access information quickly and confidently. 

What Our Customers Say

Medical Technology

“Thank you for the excellent work and particularly for your responsiveness and constant communication across the duration of the project.”

- Director of Strategy at a Global Medical Technology Company 

Business Services

“Over the past 8 years working at <company>, I have received plenty of market intelligence analysis that is not representative of our industry. Your work depicts with finesse and thorough analysis the core essence of our industry.”

- Head of Competitive Intelligence at a >$10 Billion Business Process Outsourcing Provider

Industrial Automation

“Tackling such a complex topic as well as managing internal stakeholders was a real challenge, and you did an excellent job.”

- Product Manager at a >$10 Billion Diversified Automation Company

Automotive Technology

“We are more than happy with the way the work has been conducted. The team didn't just go off and come back with a report. They kept us engaged throughout with progress updates and solicited our input on key decisions.”

- General Manager at a >$7 Billion Tier One Automotive Parts Supplier

We speak the local language

Case Studies

Medical Technology Case Study:

Market entry strategy for surgical imaging solutions for integrated operating rooms in China

Business Services Case Study:

M&A commercial due diligence of an HR services provider in Hong Kong

Industrial Automation Case Study:

Voice of Customer for an industrial air compressor value proposition assessment (global study)

Automotive Technology Case Study:

Start-Stop System market assessment for the

Indian market 

Other Industries


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