Emerging Strategy provides senior management with decision support and other services such as market sizing, channel and pricing strategy, location analysis for physical outlets, competition analysis, M&A advisory, commercial due diligence, market expansion and strategy, and political risk assessment. These services are provided across diverse business sectors, including (but not limited to) the industries and sub-industries listed below.

Industrial / Manufacturing

Manufacturing sectors are facing an increased demand for customized products, shorter delivery times, and improved quality of products and services. Leading manufacturers are adopting industry best practices, rationalized designs, and standardization and modularity across product ranges to meet their customers demand and still protect their profit margins.


The global automotive industry has completed a turn around after the recent financial crisis to return to growth and profits. Emerging economies have helped this with increased sales by first time buyers and a rising middle class trading up to more expensive models. Additionally OEMs, component suppliers and dealerships are adapting new technologies and innovations in the supply chain to increase profits, save costs and understand the consumer in more depth. Companies embracing changes in the automotive market will hurdle the competition to increase customer loyalty and win in a cut throat environment.


In recent years, the global chemicals industry has been facing growing economic and environmental pressures amid an increasingly stringent regulatory landscape. Emerging Strategy’s customized analysis provides accurate market sizing tools to identify business opportunities in established market segments and also help identify new business opportunities in growing and emerging markets.


We help clients in the education industry bring cutting-edge content, technologies, language learning, skill training and assessments in front of institutional and retail customers. Our education industry clients include non-profit organizations as well as publicly traded companies.


We support clients from the healthcare sector expand their business international markets.  Navigating the differences in incidence rates, market structure, private vs. public sector roles, regulatory processes and other factors requires on-the-ground presence and local knowledge in order to develop comprehensive and fact-based insights.


In addition to our core industries of consumer products, education, healthcare, and retail, Emerging Strategy has provided clients with critical, game-changing insights into a wide range of industries. Moreover, our team thrives when tackling unique or atypical projects, and we also have extensive experience in the following industries: