On-Request partnership seen as critical to informing international strategy

October 16, 2017

Our client, a leading provider of education software, is a large and established company  tasked with keeping and preserving market share, mitigating threats from emerging competition and discovering new sources of organic growth. With fast-paced innovation in their industry and the ubiquitous nature of information available to understand market trends, our clients find it difficult to get a clear understanding of the competitive landscape in the market segments they want to compete in. Under our On-Request market intelligence partnership, we are uniquely positioned to provide customized market intelligence in an ongoing fashion to support decision making in their Strategy team and the business units they support.

Client Situation:

We work with the Vice President of Strategy at a leading vendor of Learning Management Systems (LMS) who required a greater understanding of an important market segment: the corporate learning and learning management space. While the company had found tremendous success acquiring and retaining its customers in higher education and K-12 segments, it had not yet been able to crack the corporate market. To help develop the right mix of features in its product offering and create the optimal value proposition within this segment, our client asked us to provide insight into the market for these products. Specifically, they needed clarity about the overall size of the market opportunity for corporate training products in a variety of industry verticals, to identify both the major and emerging players operating in those spaces, and understand more about key trends as they are playing out in the market.

Working under a hypothesis that changing customer needs and the evolution of industry standard technologies would create opportunities for new product features or positioning, we collaborated with them to understand which key intelligence questions needed answers and set out to craft a customized research plan to address them.


We collaborated on a customized study to enhance their understanding of this market. The purpose of this customized study was to:

  • Size the market for corporate learning and learning management products in the United States and globally
  • Provide insight into key trends such as technological innovation, use cases and implementation issues which affect the space
  • Identify the major and emerging players in corporate learning and learning management and provide answers to the key intelligence questions our client needed visibility on


Providing a more holistic and up-to-date view of the fast-moving cLMS market gave our client’s Strategy team a framework with which to view its competitors’ offerings. In addition to identifying and profiling key market trends to help with product planning, we provided analysis on where the competition was weak. Because our competitor research was aimed squarely at analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of major competitors and emerging players, it was a valuable tool to identify service gaps or whitespace to exploit. This analytical framework proved valuable to the product strategy team as they made decisions to re-position the company in the corporate market segment.

At its completion, the client’s team made the decision to engage in additional follow-up research aiming to dig deeper into specific needs, pain points and requirements among corporate customers in select industry segments. As a valuable added benefit, the On-Request partnership makes it possible for our client’s strategy team to get the external market insight they need in a flexible manner, without the need for time-consuming procurement processes for each ask.

For more information about how we help our client within our On-Request partnership model or to learn more about the types of research output provided to our clients, please contact us at info@emerging-strategy.com 

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