Case Study: Electronic Payment Technology

4월 11, 2018

The client was considering an acquisition of a major player in the electronic payment technology space, and required a clear understanding of the target’s brand strength in key Asian markets as well as its growth prospects. Emerging Strategy collected a large team of locally based experts at short notice. By conducting extensive primary research, we assessed the penetration, growth prospects, and growth drivers in perceived high-growth markets. Through detailed discussions with banks, large customers, as well as competing technology providers, we developed a detailed understanding of the prospects, threats and opportunities associated with alternatives to traditional electronic payment technologies. Discussions with technology leaders and customers also helped us understand key purchasing criteria, the dynamics of hardware and services, and the dynamics of security standards driving demand for replacement technologies. Over a two-week period, we conducted 50+ in-depth interviews as original primary research besides leveraging whatever limited open source material was available on the subject. The client used our analysis as a critical input regarding the deal, and decided to proceed with the acquisition.

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