(English) Sample Profiles

The sample profiles below provide examples of the background and role at Emerging Strategy of staff members in various positions ranging from Senior Analyst to Intern Analyst.

Satoko-WP-220Satoko, Senior Consultant

BA in Political Science, University of California, Berkeley (USA)
MA in Int’l Relations and Int’l Economics, School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University (USA)

Satoko is originally from Japan, but has lived all over the world. Her work at Emerging Strategy includes developing market entry and marketing strategies for multinational organizations in various sectors, including education and healthcare. Satoko’s projects span a range of different countries from emerging markets to more established markets. She enjoys working at Emerging Strategy because the company challenges her to develop and present first class analysis. It is a very dynamic environment filled with continuous learning opportunities. Prior to joining Emerging Strategy, Satoko worked in the development sector with leading public and private institutions in India, the U.S., the Philippines, Japan and Africa. This includes the National Endowment for Democracy, the Prime Minister’s Office of the Japanese Government, and the Acumen Fund.

Naomi-WP-220Naomi, Consultant

BA in East Asian Studies, Wesleyan University (USA)

Naomi is from Toronto, Canada but completed her undergraduate education in the United States, including spending a semester at Fudan University in Shanghai. At Emerging Strategy, she has worked on a range of projects. Her role includes conducting primary and secondary research, as well as analyzing intelligence and presenting findings to clients. Additionally, she provides support on some business development activities. Naomi previously worked at Pfizer in New York City, where she focused on government initiatives for the Asia Pacific Region. She then moved to Shanghai and worked for a healthcare market intelligence company before joining Emerging Strategy.

Eugene-WP-220Eugene, Junior Consultant

BS in Biomedical Science, University of Auckland (New Zealand)
MS in Bioscience Enterprise, University of Auckland (New Zealand)

Eugene was born in China but grew up in New Zealand, where he went through high school and university. After completing his masters degree, he moved to Shenzhen to work in the rapidly expanding Chinese biotech industry. Eugene later moved to Shanghai to join Emerging Strategy as a Junior Consultant. His responsibilities are currently focused on conducting primary and secondary research on projects, but he also gets involved in business development by helping Directors prepare for client interactions by preparing briefing documents.

Alizee-WP-220 Alizee, Intern Associate

BA in Marketing, Business and Management from IAE, University of Nantes (France)
Currently pursuing a Masters in International Management from IAE, University of Nantes (France)

Alizee is a student from France currently working towards my Masters in International Management between France and China. She joined Emerging Strategy for a four month period as an Intern Associate and has participated in research activities for projects spanning three different continents. She has had the opportunity to work on the creation of briefing documents which allow her to learn about a new industry in a brief period of time.

Shan-WP-220Shan, Intern Analyst

Currently pursuing a BA in Economics and Chinese, Middlebury College (USA)

Shan is French-Pakistani but is currently studying in the United States and joined Emerging Strategy for three months as an Intern Analyst. He has been focusing on business development initiatives, conducting research on multinational companies with business interests in China. This has given him an in-depth understanding of the operations, Asia-Pacific (“APAC”) presence, major competitors and significant obstacles of multinational companies in sectors spanning from education to healthcare. Shan also conducts research for some client engagements, which enables him to leverage his language skills, i.e. French, English, Chinese and Spanish.