Research Analyst

  • Full Time
  • Shanghai, China
  • Posted 2 years ago

The Research Analyst (RA) within the Emerging Strategy business unit is an ambitious entry-level professional responsible for conducting primary and secondary research of markets and specific companies. The responsibilities mainly span all aspects of research and writing. They take complete responsibility for their area of research without someone else micro-managing them. RAs generally report to Junior Consultants or Consultants, but may also report to Senior Consultants or Directors depending on the project team structure. A successful and highly effective RA may become a Senior Research Analyst in 12-18 months.

RAs are passionate about conducting research. They genuinely enjoy talking to people, and find it easy to connect with a wide range of people and engage them in meaningful conversations from which they can extract relevant insights. Primary research necessarily involves ‘cold calling’ potential sources and RAs lead those efforts. RAs may also help train and supervise the primary and secondary research activities of Project Analysts and Interns, i.e. those working at Emerging Strategy in a part-time or short-term role.

RAs must be comfortable working in an entrepreneurial, international, fast paced environment and understand the quality of work and professionalism expected by Fortune 500 clients, as well as how to get along with and get the best results from one’s colleagues. The candidate must be highly organized, detail oriented, polished, and professional, and understand that a high level of confidentiality and discretion is required in all the work we do.


Bachelors degree or above, from a reputed university

Native language skills in one or more of the following: Chinese / Japanese / Korean

Fluent in English (speaking, reading, writing)

Relevant internship or work experience in business research or consulting

Strong interest in business and research

Passion for primary research

High degree of computer literacy, knowledge of common business productivity tools and concepts, and excellent Microsoft Office skills

Results orientated and able to meet deadlines

Attention to detail

Able to take on a great deal of responsibility at a young age