Financial Services

At Emerging Strategy our Financial Services clients are large U.S.-based Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 1000 companies working to:

  • Increase their value to customers by adding new products, services and technologies
  • Identify new sources of sustainable revenue growth
  • Study disruptive technologies
  • Track competitor moves

We help them to build on their ongoing success by capturing insights not available in the public domain and by exhaustively researching available secondary market intelligence.  We then analyze these findings to return critical executive summaries designed to help our clients outmaneuver and outperform leading market providers.

Emerging Strategy’s Financial Services experts provide support in the following categories:

  • Commercial Credit
  • Risk and Credit Analytics
  • Credit Cards/Payments
  • Asset Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Retail/Wholesale Banking
  • Specialty Products

We provide services that deliver industry leading research in:

  • Competitor Intelligence
  • B2B Voice of the Customer Intelligence
  • Building Go-to-Market Strategies
  • Channel Partner Intelligence
  • Market Insights

Our research methodologies such as customized primary, secondary and online surveys are designed to capture information not easily tracked or identified by our clients.  This is often because they focus on a subsegment of an industry where public information is unavailable.  Others may be tracking private organizations that simply do not report critical information needed to better understand their impact on a client’s markets.

We work with you in a variety of ways.  Some prefer working on a project-by-project basis, for others we routinely track targeted organizations on a monthly, quarterly, or otherwise basis.  For those clients with frequent and varied market research needs, we offer our On-Requestä Partnership.  A unique customizable research tool that provides unlimited access to a range of customizable resources, across 20+ countries, all at a single annual scalable fee.  The program provides these and other benefits:

  • Unlimited daily access to research requests
  • Substantially shorter turnaround times
  • No minimum project size requirements
  • One-time contracting at start of annual contract period covers all requests
  • Mid-study changes to scope requests welcome
  • Substantial annual cost savings
  • Real-time dashboard access to current/past engagements with Emerging Strategy


Case Studies

Our deliverables enable clients to make informed tactical and strategic decisions. We’ve outlined several case studies below alongside the client’s project scope as well as the resulting impact of our research.

Emerging Strategy is the essential provider of decision support for global B2B companies through targeted, customized and insightful market intelligence. Emerging Strategy partners with executives who need external insights to drive business results and avoid blind spots. Please get in touch via our Contact form or email to discuss your needs and learn about our unique solutions.