Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence

As a market intelligence consultancy, much of our work intersects in some way with the efforts of internal Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence functions. We have an excellent track record of supporting these functions by providing scalability, geographic expertise, and sector knowledge.  Whether our client has a large internal function, or a bare bones team, we can work seamlessly and enable market intelligence and competitive intelligence professionals to deliver hard hitting insights to their internal customers.  Due to our long-standing support of and affiliation with SCIP (the Society of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals), we keep up with the latest trends in the profession, the latest research and analytical tools, and are aware of common pain points. In addition, our primary research methodologies are in full compliance of industry best practices, legal and ethical bounds, and SCIP guidelines. The cases below provide some examples of projects in support of clients from this corporate function:

Emerging Strategy is the essential provider of decision support for global B2B companies through targeted, customized and insightful market intelligence. Emerging Strategy partners with executives who need external insights to drive business results and avoid blind spots. Please get in touch via our Contact form or email to discuss your needs and learn about our unique solutions.