Market Monitoring for an Uncertain World

(English) In today’s less predictable business environment it is more important than ever for companies to remain vigilant of market changes. Slower growth rates in developed markets mean that there is more intense competition for market share among incumbents, not to mention that in many industries, disruption from new technology is an ever-present threat. Don’t forget to add into the mix fluid geopolitics, evolving regulatory regimes and new customer preferences. It’s clear that today’s senior management teams need their research departments to dig through mountains of information to produce the type of insight needed to craft winning business strategies.

(English) Industry 4.0: A Digital Revolution

(English) While many observers have focused on consumer facing applications of
IoT such as self-driving cars or smart appliances, a quiet transformation
is underway in factories all over the world. Driven by smaller, cheaper
sensors and actuators to measure performance and cheaper methods
of transmitting and analyzing those data streams to yield actionable
insight, the physical world of industrial production and the digital
world of information technology are becoming increasingly intertwined.
Manufacturers are realizing that information technology must be an
increasingly central aspect of their end-to-end production process in order
for them to maintain competitiveness. Firms which are embracing the power
of data are remaking themselves into more information technology savvy


(English) China, India and Indonesia support large and growing markets for
international and private K-12 education. In these countries, however,
stringent policies and regulatory burdens continue to challenge operators.

(English) Entry Strategies for China’s K-12 Market

(English) Our latest white paper is now available for complimentary download. International companies are employing comprehensive strategies to expand into K-12 in China. This paper aims to provide context on political, social and economic trends which are supporting expansion efforts as well as some concrete examples of strategies that allow companies to succeed there.

(English) Trends and Opportunities in US K-12 Assessment: the New Era of ESSA

(English) Emerging Strategy recently conducted a study into changing trends in K-12 assessment. After completing our study, three promising growth areas stand out from the crowded field of experimental offshoots: formative assessments, performance-based assessment and nonacademic measures.

(English) Report on English language learning (ELL) in China

(English) Our new report on English language learning (ELL) in China is out now and available for complimentary download. ELL in China has experienced a decade of blistering growth—it was a $4.9 billion industry in 2013 and is currently growing by an average of 12-15% a year —but fundamental changes are underway due to changing consumer preferences and the availability of new technology.

Report on Competency-Based Education in Brazil and India

Our new report on competency-based education is out now and available for complimentary download. Competency-based education (CBE) is a concept gaining traction in US higher education circles for its potential to drive transformative change in the way we educate students.