(English) Technology and Media

The technology and media sector is going through a phase of rapid change with new disrupting technologies impacting traditional business models and changing the way consumers and businesses use technology in their daily lives. Emerging Strategy has extensive experience working with traditional technology firms in the electronics and components sectors and also with new and disrupting technologies in the software, mobile and e-commerce sectors.

Our sub-industry experts cover:

  • Semiconductors
  • Electronics and component
  • Software
  • Video gaming
  • E-commerce and internet

Our institutional knowledge and expertise can help impact the business of our clients through:

  • Market landscaping to identify size, segments and drivers
  • Route to market analysis for new technologies
  • Voice of the customer analysis to understand market perception of product and service

Case Studies

Our deliverables enable clients to make informed tactical and strategic decisions. We’ve outlined several case studies below alongside the client’s project scope as well as the resulting impact of our research.

Emerging Strategy provides senior management with decision support for growth and profitability strategies in emerging markets. We are experts in applying specific, detailed market insights to enable Global 2000 businesses to compete more effectively by winning customers, beating the competition, and meeting their strategic objectives. Businesses wishing to get in touch with Emerging Strategy can either utilize the „Contact Us“ form at the top of the column to the right or email info@emerging-strategy.com for further details.