Competitive Intelligence

We provide in-depth insights on specific market participants, which may include customers, competitors, acquisition targets, channel partners, and suppliers. We also provide comprehensive benchmarking services. The following are examples of topics that may fall under a study focusing on specific targets, but each project is different and customized to client needs and objectives.

Organization Structure

  • National and regional organization structure, trends and changes
  • Detailed function and activity level cost benchmarking (SG&A and COGS) to determine areas of advantage and disadvantage within the organization
  • Local M&A activities and plans

Manufacturing & Sourcing

  • Competitive advantages in manufacturing process or strategy
  • Product and raw material sourcing, pricing, purchasing criteria and behavior
  • Local vs. overseas manufacturing
  • Anticipated changes in order to serve changing market needs

Product Portfolio

  • Product portfolio and anticipated developments
  • Latest technology and products

Distribution Strategy

  • Distribution strategy of products; use of internal sales force vs. distributors
  • Channels served directly vs. indirectly
  • Sales and service support by channel

Marketing and Sales Strategy

  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Marketing and messaging strategy, sustainability, CSR, etc.
  • Market segmentation
  • Country-specific vs. regional efforts

Business Partnerships

  • Local partnerships for distribution, service, etc.
  • R&D partnerships and collaboration

Case Studies

Examples of projects in support of clients:

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