Market Intelligence

We provide insights on the size of the opportunity, key trends and drivers, the market structure and key market participants, regulatory issues, and customer/end-user needs and decision criteria.  All our work is entirely customized, and typically goes beyond intelligence into true insights and recommendations. We are not in the business of selling off-the-shelf reports. The following are examples of topics that may fall under a market intelligence study, but each project is different and customized to client needs and objectives. Some studies are fairly broad and may cover multiple topics at a high level, whereas others may dive very deeply into a specific topic.

Market Sizing

  • Size of market and trends in a specific country or a number of emerging countries
  • Competitor share of market and trends
  • Production volume and local use vs. percentage exported
  • Market size and relative share of various products and application/usage methods
  • Market penetration and growth prospects

Market Landscape within a Specific Country

  • Current situation and key trends within the industry
  • Existing and emerging technologies in the country
  • Emerging products the country is prepared for and excited about
  • Regulatory environment and policies influencing products and technologies in the country
  • Current and emerging business challenges and opportunities within the relevant sector

Customer/End-User Needs

  • Customer habits and attitudes towards specific products and technologies
  • Customers’ key selection criteria for products (e.g. pricing, quality, service levels)

Case Studies

Examples of projects in support of clients:

Emerging Strategy is the essential provider of decision support for global B2B companies through targeted, customized and insightful market intelligence. Emerging Strategy partners with executives who need external insights to drive business results and avoid blind spots. Please get in touch via our Contact form or email to discuss your needs and learn about our unique solutions.