Case Study: The Impact of Macro Trends and Innovations on the Education Sector

July 4, 2014


In order to improve their strategic planning process, our client sought actionable intelligence on near-term (3-5 years) and long-term (10 years) macro trends and disruptors in the education and training sector in a number of countries.

Emerging Strategy’s Solution:

We created an analytic framework including a PEST analysis, opportunities and threats presented by each trend, and the potential level of impact and certainty for each. For the PEST analysis, we conducted detailed secondary research complemented by interviews with members of an expert panel assembled for this project, to elicit hypotheses on political, economic, social and technological trends. We tested these hypotheses using additional primary and secondary research. We created a ‘disruption factor matrix’ to segment those trends that had the greatest level of certainty as well as the highest potential for impacting our client’s business. We also deeply analyzed each resultant opportunity and threat facing the client.


Our study enabled the client to gain an understanding of future trends and outlooks in the target market and to tailor their products to the anticipated changes in the education and workplace sectors.

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