Case Study: Telematics Market Analysis & Strategy

July 3, 2014


The telematics market in China represents an increasingly important business sector in light of a rapidly growing private automobile market, potential adoption of the technology by the government and military sectors, and a need for enhancing intelligent traffic technology. Our client wanted insights from key players to understand the local client landscape, challenges, and effective business strategies.

Emerging Strategy’s Solution:

We leveraged an extensive network of industry contacts to conduct over 40 interviews with industry experts, senior managers of foreign and local automobile OEMs, industry associations, telematics technology providers, call center operators, government officials, and automotive journalists to identify market opportunities and growth projections across various user segments. We compiled a clear understanding of existing and potential competitors, their manufacturing practices, pricing levels and market capabilities. Our one-on-one interviews also revealed the unique challenges of the Chinese telematics services industry in regards to the need for government connections and local expertise.


Our analysis enabled our client to understand the opportunities and challenges of operating in the Chinese market, and identify potential partners.

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