Case Study: Market Entry Strategy for Surgical Imaging Solutions for Integrated Operating Rooms in China

March 15, 2018

Client Situation:

Amid rising demand for integrated operating rooms (IOR) particularly in established economies, our client was poised to accelerate its surgical imaging solution business globally—it acquired a company offering clinical Video-over-IP solutions, and has since been providing clinical information management systems to healthcare institutions in the U.S. As the company sought to leverage its new acquisition in penetrating new markets for surgical imaging solutions, it engaged Emerging Strategy to conduct a comprehensive go-to-market strategy study for the Chinese market.

Emerging Strategy’s Approach:

The purpose of the engagement was to inform our client’s decision-making on three key questions:

  • Where to play: Identify growth market segments and analyze drivers and obstacles in these segments
  • What to offer: Identify customer needs in priority segments
  • How to win: Examine and benchmark prospective partners, reflecting on the customer (hospital) needs and advise our client on its acquisition and channel partnership strategy

To obtain insight into these topics, our consultant team utilized a rigorous primary research strategy that sourced valuable insight from decision makers at customer organizations, experts and other knowledgeable stakeholders in China’s healthcare space.


Emerging Strategy evaluated the competitive landscape for Integrated Operating Rooms (IOR) in China, including both international and domestic competitors, as well as identifying attractive customer segments and strategic go-to-market plays, providing a valuable foundation of market intelligence for the company to consider its product strategy for IOR and surgical imaging solutions there.

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