Case Study: Market Entry Strategy for a Japanese Apparel Brand

July 3, 2014


The client wanted to identify key features and consumption patterns of a certain style of clothing and accessories in order to understand entry parameters such as market size, pricing, retail locations, core consumer targets, competitive landscape etc.

Emerging Strategy’s Solution:

Emerging Strategy focused its research in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu to determine current market size and consumption patterns. Our consultants analyzed aspects that must be taken into account when entering a retail market. They also evaluated the business model of key competitors and documented their best practices, determined product pricing, and identified appropriate locations for retail outlets within each city. Primary research findings were backed by an extensive quantitative survey across cities and supported by interviews of opinion leaders within this market. Retail store managers, fashion designers, and fashion magazine editors-in-chief, shared their insights about consumer tastes and preferences as well as future trends. In addition, we conducted a phone and web-based consumer survey in order to get a wider cross-section of consumer insights.


Our client relied on our recommendations as a key decision support tool to enter the Chinese market. With due preparation, we helped our client gain rapid consumer acceptance and market share.

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