Case Study: Implantable Cardiovascular Devices

July 3, 2014


The client wanted to evaluate the current and medium term potential of the Chinese and Brazilian market for certain categories of high-end implantable cardiovascular devices in order to determine the appropriate level of resources to be directed towards entering/expanding into the market.

Emerging Strategy’s Solution:

Emerging Strategy established the current market size and medium term forecast, as well as market share and strategy of the major existing players. We conducted an in-depth study of the growth rates for these devices in China and Brazil, taking into account myriad factors such as access to healthcare, urban-rural differences and insurance re-imbursement systems and amounts. Our research also identified some evolving areas, such as on-going changes in government policies. We also evaluated the viability of emerging domestic competitors.


The client relied on our analysis to determine their China strategy and resource allocation.

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