Case Study: Hiring Selection Trends and their Impact on Pre-hire Assessments

May 5, 2016

Client Situation:

Our client commissioned us to look into trends in hiring selection to determine their impact on the market for pre-hire tests. As a large education services firm with expertise in test administration for the higher education and K-12 segments, our client was considering expanding its offering in the pre-hire assessment space and needed to know more about which hiring methods were valued for which purposes by industry and by country. This project covered the hiring selection practices of multiple industries in the United States as well as general trends in a total of 10 additional foreign markets.


To address our client’s objectives, our team relied on interviewing HR professionals in target markets and industries to gauge their attitudes toward traditional methods of hiring selection. Because hiring selection practices vary significantly across job functions, meeting our project objectives required us to analyze the nuances of pre-hire assessment practices. We contacted a wide range of stakeholders and conducted in-depth interviews with them to cover all the bases — some sample research objectives include: what types of tests are valued by job function, by industry and where tests are deployed in the hiring process. Our team also reached out to vendors in this space to gain additional insight into market trends, specifically with regard to emerging technology standards in the industry.

In addition to pre-hire assessment trends, we also investigated other new technologies beginning to appear in the pre-hire selection market to determine their likelihood and nature of their impact to our client’s interests. We identified a list of six potentially impactful technologies including but not limited to: video interviewing, social media scraping, digital simulations and predictive analytics. To analyze the potential for these nascent hiring selection methods to make waves in the market, we employed a combination of secondary desktop research and primary research with vendors and other experts.


This project provided insight into the pre-hire test market by delving into customer attitudes and HR practices across multiple key industries and markets. In leveraging the insight of a wide range of experts and stakeholders our team developed evidence-based, actionable conclusions and recommendations for our clients to utilize in their internal strategy discussions regarding business interests in the pre-hire assessment market.

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