Case Study: Corporate Credit Card Market

April 11, 2018


Evaluate the current and medium term potential of the corporate credit card market in China and Japan, conduct interviews with potential customers to understand their decision making behavior and preferences, and conduct a complete “eco-system” analysis of the market leader in these two countries.

Emerging Strategy’s Approach:

Emerging Strategy developed a thorough understanding of the needs and purchasing behavior of corporate decision makers relating to financial services. We also assessed the relative use and popularity of different types of products such as cards used primarily for ‘T&E’ (Travel and Entertainment) purposes vs. those used for corporate purchasing. Emerging Strategy’s consultants conducted over twenty in-depth interviews as original, primary research in each country. Respondents included senior corporate executives responsible for making decisions about financial services vendors; sales, marketing, and operations employees at major banks and credit card companies, as well as industry observers and analysts. This was in addition to leveraging any existing on-line secondary research, government reports, journals, etc.


The client has fresh information from the market about competitor activity, market dynamics, and tactical sales opportunities with some of the major corporations operating in those markets

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