Case Study: Candidate Assessment Software for Third-Party Recruitment Firms

July 3, 2014


Our client sought to gather intelligence on skill assessment software being sold to third-party recruitment agencies. In particular, we focused on the assessment criteria for candidates and how software/service providers were able to meet those needs.

Emerging Strategy’s Solution:

We developed an understanding of the overall market, competitors, and priority regions for the market growth. As a first phase, we conducted a global scan to prioritize the regions in which recruitment firms were using external software. This was based on a combination of macro and microeconomic indicators as well as primary research. Countries with highest market potential for skill evaluation systems during the recruitment process were then ranked using an index. In a second phase, we went deeper into 7 high priority countries. We developed a thorough understanding of how recruitment firms (including staffing, RPO, and executive search) select external vendors, and which skill evaluation software and criteria are employed under which circumstances. The majority of research was conducted through primary resources at multinational as well as local recruitment firms.


Our synthesized results enabled the Client to gain an actionable understanding of the market, customer needs, and top competitors’ software packages. This information allowed our Client to strategically plan its software configuration and market expansion and investment priorities for the next 3-5 years.

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