Case Study: Benchmarking and Strategy Analysis for a Beauty Care Brand

July 3, 2014


A client approached Emerging Strategy to assess the comparative position of one of its key brands against what were perceived to be faster growing and more innovative competitors.

Emerging Strategy’s Solution:

Emerging Strategy conducted an end-to-end value chain analysis to create a set of financial, operational and strategic benchmarks. Functions included R&D, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, advertising and media, marketing, channel sales, and in-store marketing and selling. Consultants also conducted an extensive analysis of the client’s own brand operations and the drivers for their success in their home market. Through a mix of quantitative and qualitative analysis, Emerging Strategy demonstrated how commercial decisions and operational drivers impact brand cost structure and profitability.


Our analysis and recommendations enabled our client to select markets for further investment, and which to scale back from. The brand was partially overhauled and re-launched to greater commercial success.

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