Case Study: Anticipating the Threat of Generic Antibiotic Manufacturers

July 3, 2014


Our client’s key antibiotic drug was going to lose patent protection in the EU & USA and they needed to assess the potential threat posed by generic manufacturers.

Emerging Strategy’s Solution:

Using a combination of desktop research and interviews, Emerging Strategy identified all the drug manufacturers in China and India that have the capability and/or certification to manufacture the relevant class of antibiotics. Following that, we conducted over fifty in-depth interviews with contacts from potential competitors’ organizations in order to learn which companies were in fact actively planning to launch a generic product to compete with our client. We found that our client had severely underestimated the number of competitors they were likely to face. On the other hand, a couple of companies that our client was certain would compete with them demonstrated no plans to do so. Targeting those companies with active plans to launch a generic competitor, our consultant team compiled a report on their manufacturing volume capabilities, the establishment of distribution partnerships in the EU and USA, and the latest progress regarding GMP certification and site visits to obtain EU and USA regulatory approval. We also identified the key API suppliers and packaging suppliers for companies that posed a threat to our client.


The client used our study to create a counter-strategy for tackling this generic threat.

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