Case Study: Acquisition of Employment Agency / HR Services Provider

July 3, 2014


Our client was interested in making a China-based acquisition of an employment agency. The aims of the project were multifold and included expanding market presence, gaining wider service offerings, as well as securing regulatory certification to operate in a certain business function.

Emerging Strategy’s Solution:

Emerging Strategy started by identifying a ‘long list’ of ~700 companies, then used various screening filters to narrow down to ~35 companies. Then we obtained further details on these companies by conducting primary research, primarily via conversations with owners and key members of the management team of each company to determine financial and operating information, experience and capabilities, as well as interest in ‘strategic partnership’ with a multinational company. A scoring system was developed to prioritize companies based on the potential value-add to the client’s business objectives, and strategic fit.


This resulted in 3-5 real prospects that appeared to be viable candidates for in-depth discussion.Emerging Strategy assisted the client in approaching these shortlisted companies and setting up an initial meeting / site visit. The client undertook further due diligence and after negotiation with two companies closed a deal with one of them.

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