Case Study: Top Messaging and Online Gaming Company

July 3, 2014


In order to look for ways to expand the online gaming platform, our client wanted to understand the detailed business profile of a top Chinese messaging and online gaming service provider and form a complete picture of how they acquire, engage and retain customers.

Emerging Strategy’s Solution:

Our consultants conducted over thirty in-depth interviews as original, primary research. Interviewees included current employees, former employees (recent departures), partners (service providers, technology partners, etc.) of the target competitor, as well as industry observers and analysts. This was in addition to leveraging any online secondary research, trade publications and other published sources, company financial statements, national and international press etc. We compiled a clear understanding of the organizational structure, business models and practices, service features, technologies, and partnerships of the target company.


Due to our analysis, the client had fresh insights from the market about the target company’s detailed profile and business models, which helped them develop customer strategies for their expanding online gaming services.

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