Emerging Strategy provides its employees with a terrific platform for both professional and personal development. Our employees are expected to take on considerable responsibilities from the very start, and will learn critical skills not only through their involvement in consulting projects related to our clients, but also through being involved and contributing to a growing and entrepreneurial organization. Below are several examples of Emerging Strategy alumni who have excelled during their time with the company and continue to apply the skills they learned on-the-job to their current business endeavors.


Stephen McNamaraStephen-140-140


  • MBA from the Schulich School of Business
  • Master of Biomedical Technology from the University of Calgary
  • B.Sc in Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa
  • Worked as Senior Consultant at Siemens prior to joining Emerging Strategy
  • Joined Emerging Strategy as Senior Consultant, later promoted to Director of Special Projects
  • Currently Senior Consultant at ThyssenKrupp Management Consulting

“ES was a great learning experience – a good introduction to strategy, exposure to the Chinese work environment, and a wonderful team of people to work with!”

Career Development at Emerging Strategy
Initially I joined as a Senior Consultant, and was subsequently promoted to Director of Special Projects to lead the development of ES’ On Request business.
Several things at ES prepared me for my current role. First the diverse array of projects in international markets gave me good insight into how business is done in Asia. In addition, designing and launching a new business offering exposed me to how consulting business models operate and how organizations can be set up and managed.

A Memorable Project
I led several engagements in APAC markets, including a detailed SG&A benchmarking for one of the world’s largest electronics distributors. We benchmarked operations against 3 of their major competitors in 9 countries in APAC. This was a particularly challenging and complex project that involved considerable numbers of research (both desk research and interviews) in several local languages. In addition to leading projects like this, I also lead the development and launch of Emerging Strategy’s On Request business unit. This included all aspects of launching a new business – from product development to building a sales organization.



James Bayliss


  • MSc in Advanced Management Practice from The University of Bath
  • BA in Business Management from The University of York
  • Worked as a Strategic Analyst at the Serious Fraud Office in the United Kingdom prior to joining Emerging Strategy
  • Joined Emerging Strategy in a joint role as Chief of Staff and Business Development Manager
  • Currently Founder and CEO of Baytech

“Emerging Strategy has a challenging, yet fun work environment that is great preparation for an entrepreneurial career.”

Career Development at Emerging Strategy
To start, I worked in project teams, learning how research and consulting projects were carried out, whilst being exposed to business development initiatives within the company. As time progressed, I began leading project teams, developing my own business development initiatives, traveling with the Managing Director for global meetings and contributing to the wider growth of the organization.

Career Path after Emerging Strategy
Emerging Strategy provided me with considerable responsibility, above and beyond what you would expect from the industry. This meant I learnt and developed critical skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and problem solving very quickly. The role was also very entrepreneurial and working alongside the CEO helped me understand the workings of organizations. After Emerging Strategy, I decided to transfer those skills and confidence I had gained to start my own venture, Baytech. The company has grown rapidly and now owns three brands and distributes electronic products to over 20 countries worldwide.


Chenni-Xu-140-B&WChenni Xu


  • MA in International Studies and Diplomacy from The School of Oriental and African Studies at The University of London
  • BA in Political Science and Economics from Columbia University
  • Worked at the United Nations and at Tsinghua University prior to joining Emerging Strategy
  • Joined Emerging Strategy as a Consultant, later promoted to Senior Consultant
  • Currently Cross-Team Consultant at a strategic communications firm, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, in Beijing

“Emerging Strategy was a turning point in my career, as I was able to grow through acquiring vital tools, both technical and managerial, that I’ve been able to call upon. The training was able to help me gain confidence in my client work and I was also able to share these key learnings with my junior colleagues. The international collegiality added to the cooperative environment.”

Career Development at Emerging Strategy
I was initially hired at the Consultant level and my focus was primarily on research and analysis. After less than one year, I was promoted to Senior Consultant where I led multi-country market sizing projects in the education sector and also assisted with business development efforts.

A Memorable Project
One interesting project that stood out for me was the multi-country PEST analysis project we conducted for an education company. I was able to call upon my political science and economics background to conduct macro and micro level analyses of the education sector in various countries. The discussions I had with my colleagues about this were fulfilling to me on a personal and professional level.

Career Path after Emerging Strategy
Moving to Beijing due to personal reasons, I was able to obtain a position at the strategic communications firm Hill+Knowlton Strategies (part of the WPP group). In my role as a Cross-Team Consultant, I work on strategy development for different projects across a number of industries, with a personal interest in public affairs. I also conduct business development and assist with internal marketing. I hope to advance at the company and perhaps move to another region within the company in the next few years!

Urvashi Barooahurvashi


  • B.A. from Middlebury College
  • Joined Emerging Strategy as an intern
  • Currently Senior Associate at Boston Consulting Group

“I really enjoyed my time at ES – it is a unique place to work and be exposed to businesses in Asia”

Career Development at Emerging Strategy
My internship at ES was my first experience with business analytics and problem solving. I was given full ownership of my workstreams and this liberated me to think independently and creatively. Many of the skills I applied then – including quickly learning an unfamiliar topic, breaking down complex problems into digestible pieces, making logical conclusions in the absence of concrete answers – are skills that I rely on today.

A Memorable Project
Over the course of my internship, I worked on a project for an American multi-national wanting to enter the English language learning market in China. My team was tasked with answering two questions: first, what are the characteristics of the market and the main competitors, and second, which Chinese cities should the client target for market entry.

Career Path after Emerging Strategy
I completed my B.A. from Middlebury College a year after my internship with ES. Post graduation, I spent about 3 years doing Mergers & Acquisitions consulting at Ernst & Young’s New York office. I took up my current job at BCG to broaden my scope from M&A to general strategy consulting