Our Clients

Our clients are typically looking for decision support regarding business strategies and tactics in international markets. Due to our unique expertise in emerging and opaque markets, many of our projects involve Asia, Latin America or the Middle East/Africa. However, we operate globally and have established a substantial track record in North America, Europe, and Australia as well. Much of our work involves repeat business from satisfied clients, and introductions and referrals through those who know us well. Our clients are typically from amongst:

  • Global 2000 companies looking for top-line and bottom-line growth in international markets
  • Private Equity funds and other buy-side parties looking for identification, screening and commercial due diligence on targets
  • Non-profit organizations carrying out their mission internationally
  • Strategy consulting and business research firms that don’t have a strong presence of their own in emerging and opaque markets

Clients to date have included widely recognized “blue-chip” companies in each major sector, as well as emerging competitors looking to become the next “blue-chip.” Due to the commercial sensitivity of our work, we maintain strict Chinese Walls between clients or even prospective clients within the same industry, even when that is not explicitly requested. That means we would not be able to reveal the names of competitors or industry peers that we have previously worked with within the same industry. It is likely that prospective clients would expect the same from us. However, we may share the identity of some clients from other industries and provide references, after preliminary discussions regarding an appropriate business opportunity.