Key Differentiators

Key Differentiators
1. First-hand understanding of the challenges of international business

  • We specialize in complex and opaque markets worldwide, and have successfully extended our own business globally and within emerging and frontier markets in particular
  • Our multi-national management team is drawn from all parts of the world

2. Customized, fresh content

  • We tailor our methodology as well as our deliverables based on the client’s specific business situation, needs and objectives
  • Over 80 percent of our insights on a typical study are drawn from extensive primary research, i.e. original interviews, first-hand fieldwork and data collection
  • We’re not re-packaging and re-selling stale ‘off-the-shelf’ material

3. “Feet-on-the-ground”

  • Research team consists of locally based native speakers of the language(s) of each country we cover
  • Local knowledge and presence enables access to sources that are simply not available when research is conducted remotely

4. Highest level of professionalism and client service

  • Just because companies wish to conduct business in emerging markets does not mean they should settle for surly service or substandard professionalism. We navigate the time zone, language and cultural variables to provide Global 2000 companies with the excellent and consistent service they are accustomed to receiving.
  • All clients and engagements receive the attention and counsel of the firm’s senior management

5. Timely and cost efficient

  • Because our teams are already on location in each country we cover, we can get to work and deliver meaningful results quickly. There is no need to make clients wait while we assemble a team from various offices, nor is there a need to incur the significant travel overheads that many other consultants impose on their clients.
  • The ability to draw on the expertise of our industry-specific executive panels as needed leads to lower fixed costs for us, and results in savings passed on to our clients as lower fees compared to some bulge bracket firms.